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Insurance Services

Buying insurance requires more than simply securing a low premium. Close examination must be paid to why certain insurance products are purchased and if these products offer the appropriate coverage. Many clients that we encounter have no idea what insurances they have, why they were purchased, or if the products are even appropriate.

Legacy Wealth Advisors will evaluate your existing insurance program to determine if it is providing the protection you want and need. This is done on a personal level as well as for your business.

We have relationships with some of the country’s leading insurance carriers, all of whom meet our high standards for quality products, prompt service and solvency. With so many markets and almost limitless options to us. We can provide these quality products and solutions for our clients.

Investment Planning

Legacy Wealth Advisors advises individuals with a review and design of their investment portfolios. We structure our recommendations around each client’s particular desire for their money, utilizing prudent asset allocation.

Estate Planning

For many, an estate plan is simply instructions for how their assets should be distributed upon their death. However, since up to 60% of your assets could go to the government in the form of estate taxes, the development of a sophisticated and well-executed estate plan is imperative. A sound plan takes into consideration many facets including creating, accumulating and protecting assets, and distributing assets according to the owner’s wishes, with minimum estate shrinkage after death.

Protecting your estate from these onerous costs is no longer as simple as leaving a Will. Our diverse experience will allow us to construct a plan that addresses your unique situation to help ensure that you build, protect and pass on your estate according to your personal goals and wishes.


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