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Legacy Wealth Advisors

Legacy Wealth Advisors understand that Time is Money… Most people are busier than ever. Whether you are working in a business or own a business there is a work life balance and time is precious.

When Legacy Wealth Advisors engages in the meeting process they want to make all time spent as productive as possible. Usually they will start with a phone conversation before a physical meeting takes place. This allows them to fill you in on expectations, their process, and it is designed to help them understand what team members he might need to put into place to handle your expectations. It is at this time that all investment implementations will be referred to Legacy Wealth Advisors.

Be it on the phone or during the first face to face meeting you will understand you are working with one of the most dynamic individuals in the industry. Let’s take a look at the approach and process that you will go through:

1. Identify where you are and where you want to be
Through an in-depth interview process Legacy Wealth Advisors will start to determine objectives from which they will identify advantages and/or disadvantages of your current financial position. Keep an open mind and you will start to gain knowledge about finance that you never knew existed.

2. Recommendations and Implementation Report
After the initial consultation you will receive a recap of the first meeting which includes an implementation report. Their promise to you is to deliver a strategy that is complete, agreed upon, and is a reflection of the very best financial strategy unique to only you.

3. Implementation
The goal is to help you feel comfortable through raising your awareness to often unknown, overlooked tactics, products and services. The goal during the implementation phase is to optimize your wealth through a reconstruction and repositioning of what you currently are doing to give you more power and control over your financial life. Your plan needs to work efficiently. During this phase you will be presented a personalized, comprehensive financial model for your approval and Legacy Wealth Advisors will work with you on the fine tuning.

4. Reviews
In life things change constantly… Taxes, planned adolescence, the cost of living all are eroding factors that work against your ability to build wealth. Depending upon your needs Legacy Wealth Advisors will set up a review schedule with you to meet the realities of today’s changing world!