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Investment Planning

Refining Your Investment Strategy

Legacy Wealth Advisors advises individuals with a review and design of their investment portfolios. We structure our recommendations around each client’s particular desire for their money, utilizing prudent asset allocation.

Asset Allocation

We help design a portfolio that is tailored to your investment return requirements, using the strategy of asset allocation and an understanding of your risk tolerance and time horizons. The investment strategy of asset allocation diversifies you among broad classes of assets. Furthermore, an additional layer of diversification is added to incorporate subclasses, as well as sub-styles of those classes such as value and growth oriented companies. Asset allocation does not guarantee performance but does offer an organized and diversified approach to investing.

Asset Ownership

Our firm recognizes the least tax efficient investments in your overall portfolio and owns them in a tax-deferred account or retirement program. These small details may yield far more in returns than market timing or fund selection. Legacy Wealth Advisors insures that asset ownership is coordinated with your estate plans in order to maximize generational family wealth.

Manager Selection and implementation

Legacy Wealth Advisors works with representatives from professional money management firms such as SEl Hanlon, American Funds, and Oppenheimer in selecting top managers for your portfolio. These firms provide us with information on funds and professional managers. We recommend managers based on their experience, performance, tax efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Personalized portfolios are designed to show the client how well their portfolio would have performed over a given time period.

Performance and Portfolio Monitoring

A Legacy Wealth Advisor client will receive a quarterly conference call to discuss your portfolio’s performance and to determine if changes are appropriate. We will provide you with answers to questions such as, “Are my investments performing well compared to their relative benchmark?”


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